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Tahiti Bar

Tiki Makaio’s Tahiti Bar Coaster Set With Matching Bottle Opener.

Tahiti Bar Coaster Set With Matching Bottle Opener
Tahiti Bar Coaster 360 Video
Tahiti Bar Bottle Opener Front
Tahiti Bar Bottle Opener Side

This Deluxe Tahiti Bar and Bottle Opener Set was designed and hand crafted by me, Tiki Makaio in California.

This set is the first in a series of upcoming releases.

It’s taken many moons for me to come up with a coaster and bottle opener set with a design, fit and finish that I would be proud to have sitting on my Tiki Bar… 

This set is the result of those efforts and moons.

In the near future, my following releases will continue in this tradition.

*Tiki Idol, Liquid Aloha and Adult Beverages are not included.

They’re more that just coasters, They’re the ambiance they create…

Tiki Makaio 2/19/22